About: The Freedom Network


Our services and rate plans are designed for you to use predominantly within the subscription area.

The coverage area is an approximation of the actual wireless service available and is subject to change as more towers are built. The level of voice and data service while within the Freedom network coverage area may vary due to terrain, foliage, technical capacity, or weather conditions. Freedom Mobile cannot guarantee service availability.

Coverage Map

The coverage map provides you with details on where you are able to subscribe to Freedom (subscription area) and use your services (coverage area). As well as details on Freedom’s 5G network, Extended Range LTE and the Nationwide networks.

Subscription Area

If you reside in a subscription area, you can subscribe to Freedom services. Service in this area may be provided by Freedom or our Nationwide partners. Freedom services and rate plans are designed to be used predominantly in the subscription area. Learn more about the Fair Usage Policy.

Coverage Area

Our Freedom Nationwide plans provide coast-to-coast coverage whether you’re connected to Freedom or our Nationwide partner network. For details about your plan, log into My Account.

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Our Freedom network provides access to all the data, talk, text, and features included within the Freedom allotment of your plan. Usage of features not included in your plan, such as international calling, may be charged on a pay-per-use basis, or be unavailable.

When you are connected to the Freedom network your device will display Freedom and you may have access to 5G, LTE, or Extended Range LTE networks depending on your location, device compatibility and plan. There may be some areas within the Freedom coverage where your phone will display Nationwide. While this usage will count as Nationwide, it will not be counted against the Freedom usage requirement as outlined in Section 4. Roaming Services of the Fair Usage Policy.

Learn more about the Fair Usage Policy.

To ensure you have the best experience we recommend:

  • Using our device compatibility tool to confirm your device supports VoLTE and VoLTE Roaming on the Freedom and Nationwide networks.

  • Your device is updated to the latest software. Check out our device guides, for detailed steps on how to check for and install system updates.

  • VoLTE is enabled on your device. Check out our device guides for detailed steps on how to enable VoLTE.

  • You are using a newer SIM Card. Learn more About: Your SIM Card

  • To use VoLTE Roaming you will also need to activate US Roaming, International Roaming, International Calling and Nationwide on your service. Sign into MyAccount and navigate to the Manage Features section to activate these features.

Want to upgrade to a phone that supports VoLTE? Check out our latest devices.

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As a Freedom customer your device may also connect to Nationwide. Nationwide usage is included in most plans; in other cases, usage of features in the Nationwide network is charged on a pay-per-use basis. Location-based calling services (such as 8-1-1, 2-1-1, 3-1-1 and #taxi), may not be available when connected to Nationwide.

Please check your plan details in My Account  to see the coverage you have within the Nationwide area.

Learn more About: Nationwide

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Transit Coverage


Freedom customers can access talk, text, and data on our home network across all TTC Subway Stations. Station coverage includes platforms, mezzanines and toll booths.

Freedom does have some tunnel coverage services and will continue to expand.

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Metro Vancouver Skytrain System

As a Freedom customer, you will have access to service while riding the Skytrain between Waterfront, Burrard, Granville, and Stadium-Chinatown stations.

There is also service at above ground stations and along the Canada Line. Additional service upgrades and tunnel expansion are planned.

View our Transit Coverage page for more details.

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