Watch TV – your way.

Add TV to your internet plan with this introductory offer for as low as $10/mo.1 (after $9/mo. credit2. Regular price $19/mo.) 

Stop paying too much for expensive TV packages and channels you don’t want. Switch to Freedom TV, the affordable live and on-demand TV option.


Why you’ll love Freedom TV.

Available Feature Customizable

You have the option of customizing your live TV channel lineup. Begin with the Starter TV package and then add only the theme packs and à la carte channels you and your family want to watch.    

Available Feature Affordable

Enjoy all your favourite live TV channels, at a really great price. 

Available Feature Flexible

With our TV app, watch your favourite shows on compatible streaming devices, like Apple TV.

Add TV to your
internet plan for
as low as:

Introductory offer


After $9/mo. credit2. Regular price $19/mo.

TV is available with an eligible Freedom Home Internet plan, in select areas - but stay tuned, we're always expanding!

Take control of your TV experience.  

With Freedom TV, you have the option of customizing your live TV lineup.

Access your TV services through an easy-to-use app and watch the latest shows, sports, news and so much more from your mobile phone, compatible smart TV and many more devices3.  

Don’t miss your favourite shows with Look Back.

Just scroll, select and watch.

You can watch some shows that aired up to 7 days ago by scrolling back in the TV guide. You can also pause and resume some live TV channels (and, of course, on-demand TV). And even restart a show from the beginning – if it already started.

Discover the easiest way to watch TV.

Watch your favourite channels on your favourite devices with the Freedom TV app. 

The Freedom TV app is compatible with certain smart TVs and streaming devices that are powered by Apple TV (OS13+), Android TV, and Chromecast with Google TV. Freedom TV app is also available on Android phones and tablets (OS 8.0+), iPhone (OS 13+), and iPad (OS 13+).

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Switch to Freedom TV today.

Step 1. Sign in.

Sign in to your My Account and click on the banner at the top of the page. 


Step 2. Choose your plans.

Choose the best internet and TV plans that works for you, and we’ll ship your equipment right to your door. 


Step 3. Activate & download.

We’ll activate your internet. Then you can set-up your equipment and devices, and just download the Freedom TV app and start watching.  

Already have a Freedom Home Internet plan? 

Sign in to My Account and select “Manage Internet & TV”.  From there, click on the “Get Freedom TV” tile within your profile. 

Questions about Freedom TV? 

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