There’s a new way to save on the newest phones. With our TradeUp phone return program, you can get the latest phones for a lower monthly cost.


More Savings

With our TradeUp phone return program, you can get an upfront credit on top of your MyTab Savings when you sign up with an eligible plan on a 2-year term, so you can pay an even lower monthly cost for your phone.

More Options

At the end of your 24 month term, either return the phone in eligible condition, or pay the original TradeUp credit amount and keep the phone.

More Upgrades

Want to stay with TradeUp and upgrade to the latest phone after your 24-month term? Simply return your phone in eligible condition, chose another phone and enjoy more great savings

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Receive an upfront TradeUp credit, and at the end of your 2-year term, either bring your phone back in good condition, or keep your phone and pay the original TradeUp credit amount. See the difference TradeUp makes to your monthly MyTab payment with this example:

Financing Option

24 Month Tab


TradeUp Credit

MyTab with TradeUp









iPhone 12


With TradeUp1 on a $45/mo. plan with 10GB of data. After Digital Discount3. 2-year term required.

iPhone 14


With TradeUp1 on a $50/mo. plan with 20GB of data. After Digital Discount3. 2-year term required.

Google Pixel 6a


With TradeUp1 on a $35/mo. plan with 7GB of data6. After Digital Discount3. 2-year term required.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE


With TradeUp1 on a $45/mo. plan with 10GB of data. After Digital Discount3. 2-year term required.

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Protect Your Phone

Rest easy with our affordable phone protection options.

Add an extended warranty for your phone to ensure it meets the return condition requirements of the TradeUp program. If you end up damaging your phone, we’ll repair it or replace it with a like kind and quality model and accept it for your TradeUp return. The Phone Protection Plan allows for up to two service requests within 12 months as long as you remain an active customer and the Phone Protection Plan is on your TradeUp phone.

The Phone Protection Plan can be added at a Freedom Mobile retail store location within 30 days of activating or upgrading your phone. Coverage is optional and you can cancel at any time.

With AppleCare+, your phone is protected against accidental damage and out-of-warranty malfunction for up to two claims within 24 months.

Service fees will apply: $39 for screen damage and $129 for all other damages.

Learn more here.


What happens when your term ends?

Once your 2-year term has ended, you will need to decide if you want to either keep your phone or return it and upgrade to a new one.

Return Your Phone

Ready to part ways with your phone? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • All TradeUp phones must undergo a phone inspection within month 24 of your term.

  • Check that your phone is in good condition and bring it to a participating Freedom Mobile location, where your phone will be inspected for return eligibility. If your phone is damaged and no longer meets the TradeUp eligibility criteria, you will be required to pay the TradeUp credit amount plus applicable taxes, and the phone is yours to keep. Learn more here about the return condition requirements.

Your information will be wiped from the phone after it’s returned, so be sure to back it up. Once returned, consider upgrading to one of the latest eligible phones with TradeUp.

Keep Your Phone

Love your phone? Keep it.

When your term comes to a close, simply repay the original TradeUp credit amount and you and your phone can live happily ever after. Or just until another one comes along.

Upgrade Before Your Term is Up.

Want to upgrade your phone early? No problem. This can be done anytime during the 24 months of your term.. All you have to do is pay back the TradeUp credit amount and choose the phone you want to upgrade to. You’ll also need to pay off any remaining MyTab balance in addition to the TradeUp credit amount.

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