How Do I Return a TradeUp Phone?

If you find that you and your TradeUp phone aren’t a perfect match within 15 days of purchase, you can complete a return. Learn more about Freedom’s Return Policy.

TradeUp Return Criteria

In order to complete the TradeUp program, TradeUp phones must be returned to the store in good working condition within month 24 of your term. TradeUp phones must meet the following criteria:

  • TradeUp phone must power on and navigate properly to the home screen

  • TradeUp phone must be able to accept and hold a charge

  • All passwords or access restrictions must be turned off or removed

  • The screen must function correctly and be undamaged (free of cracks, dark spots, blemishes, bruising or other damages).

  • The rest of the TradeUp Phone must be undamaged with no cracks, missing parts or signs of water damage (hinges, keypad, housing, buttons, battery, etc.).

  • All information must be wiped, and the TradeUp Phone must have the ability to perform a factory reset.

If the phone does not meet the return criteria or if you decide to keep the phone, the TradeUp Return value plus applicable taxes will be charged to your invoice. Click here for additional details about the TradeUp program.

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