How do I transfer to an eSIM?

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Before getting started we recommend that you:

  1. Make sure your phone is compatible with eSIM, with fully up-to-date software. You’ll find information about eSIM compatibility in our Device Compatibility Tool.

  2. Use a desktop or other secondary device to log in to My Account rather than your phone.

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eSIM Set Up in My Account

Take the following steps once logged into My Account:

  1. Select the correct phone number from the available options in My Phone Number dropdown

  2. Navigate to the Plan & Device section.

  3. Click Manage SIM/eSIM.

  4. Select between a Physical SIM or eSIM.

  5. Enter the IMEI of your eSIM device and click Check Compatibility.

  6. Accept the transfer of service to your new eSIM, by accepting your current SIM will become inactive. Click Confirm & Change SIM to proceed.

  7. Scan the QR Code - the steps to scan the QR code will vary based on the device you are using. You will also need an internet connection on your eSIM compatible device to complete this step.

Important: You’ll need to follow the same steps above if you are moving from one eSIM device to a new eSIM device

Disclaimer: Your QR code is valid for one phone only and cannot be reused on additional phones. Freedom Mobile is not responsible for lost or stolen eSIM QR codes. Please keep a copy for your records. If you require a new eSIM or an additional printed QR code, charges may apply. eSIM is only supported on compatible phones that have been certified with Freedom Mobile and our manufacturer partners. eSIM QR codes may activate on unsupported phones.

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