About: Roam Beyond


Roam Beyond is Canadas very first global roaming plan that lets you stay connected in 81 destinations, with 45GB or 60GB of data.

Looking for a 30-day option? We also offer 30-day passes starting at $20.

To sign-up for Freedom service, visit a store or shop plans online. Existing customers can update their plan or select a 30-day pass in My Account.

Eligible Destinations

There are currently 81 destinations included in the Roam Beyond plan. New destinations will be added to your existing plan or pass automatically. No need to purchase a new pass! Once you sign up for the plan, you can check the current list of destinations included any time in My Account.

While we are still working to add more destinations, there may be instances when destination(s) need to be removed

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Roam Beyond Plan vs. 30-Day Passes

The Roam Beyond plan requires a minimum of 3 months. Your service is subject to a $30 fee if you change to another plan within 3 months of activating or migrating to the Roam Beyond plan.

If you’re looking for 30-day options, check out our Roam Beyond 30-day passes, which you can purchase while staying on your existing rate plan, starting at $20.

Shop available passes.

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Roam Beyond Plan Data Features

For the Roam Beyond plan, our unlimited plans data policy applies to data usage in Canada, U.S., and Mexico. If your applicable data allotment is depleted within the current billing cycle, you will not have access to any additional data in other destinations unless you purchase a one-time data pass. See Fair Usage Policy for more details.

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Talk Features

The Roam Beyond plan and passes include unlimited local calling and unlimited incoming calls while in Canada & other included destinations, unlimited calls to Canada from other included destinations, and unlimited calls to the U.S./Mexico from Canada.

Local calling refers to calls made while visiting a destination, to other phone numbers from that destination.

International long-distance calls, other than to the U.S./Mexico from Canada, are not included. Learn more about international long distance .

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You’ll need to enable US Roaming, International Roaming, and International Calling features My Account.

Learn How To: Enable Roaming and International Calling Features

You’ll also need to turn on data roaming on your device. Get detailed steps on how to activate data on your device.

In some roaming destinations, VoLTE Roaming is also required to use messaging, data, and voice services, including to emergency services like 9-1-1 calls. Not all devices are compatible with VoLTE Roaming, and you may need to update your device to access VoLTE Roaming services. You can use our device compatibility tool to confirm if your device supports VoLTE Roaming.

Learn more About: Roaming in destinations without 3G network availability.

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