Protecting Against Spam Calls

Managing Nuisance Calls

Most silent or hang up calls are generated by companies using automated dialers that generate large volumes of calls; this can happen if more calls are answered than there were available agents. These calls aren't intended to be of a malicious nature and it's possible they may eventually contact you again. 

If the call is sales or marketing related, rather than a malicious call, you can register with Canada’s National Do Not Call List, which can prevent future calls of this nature. The Do Not Call list is an independent government funded service.

Protecting Against Caller ID Spoofing / Spam

The Caller ID display normally indicates the phone number and name associated with the line used to call you. Unfortunately, illegitimate telemarketers may change the information that appear on the Caller ID display, a practice known as Caller ID spoofing. This can be used to misrepresent themselves with potentially unethical intentions and to trick Canadians into answering the call.

Ways to Protect yourself from Caller ID Spoofing/Spam Calls:

  • Avoid answering or calling back unsolicited, unknown numbers.

  • Review the features available on your device; some devices allow you to either block specific numbers or block those starting with a specific range of numbers.

  • Sign up for Canada’s Canada’s National Do Not Call List.

You are your best line of defense when it comes to protecting yourself against incurring additional charges outside of your plan inclusions. Understand your plan inclusions prior to using your services; you are responsible for all charges associated with your service.

There are, however, legitimate purposes for altering the Caller ID information provided when placing a call. Learn more about Caller ID Spoofing.

Tips on Identifying and Reporting Malicious Calls

  • Most malicious calls are made by people trying to get a reaction or cause upset, so staying calm can help stop the calls.

  • If you have the phone number of the caller, you can contact the police and give them the details.

  • Don't give out your name or mobile number when you answer the phone.

  • Let callers identify themselves first and consider rejecting calls where the number is unknown or withheld.

  • Be careful not to leave your name or alternative contact number on your answer phone greeting.

  • Be careful not to post personal information on Internet websites such as social networking sites or forums.

  • Don't talk to malicious callers or reply to unfamiliar text messages.

  • Try putting the phone down for a few minutes before ending the call this may deter callers from continuing the call as they are wasting their time and money.

How Can I Report Malicious Calls?

We can trace malicious calls for the police by using the Malicious Call Tracing (MCT) service, free of charge.

  1. Immediately following an incoming harassing or threatening call, dial *57 from the Shaw Mobile phone that received the call.

  2. Freedom Mobile will flag the offending phone number (even if it's unknown or withheld) so that it can be shared with authorities upon request.

  3. Contact the police to file a report, informing them that the offending call was flagged. Upon request, we will provide the flagged phone number to the police.

Note: If you already have the number of the caller, you can report the incident directly to the police without using MCT.

If you would like to take immediate action, or the alternatives are not effective, you can change your number by contacting us.

  • Important: Picking a new phone number puts your old phone number into quarantine before it is reused, so you cannot get it back.

To learn more about dealing with spam phone calls, read How to deal with scam phone calls to Shaw customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report SMS spam?

You can forward any spam text message to short code 7726 (SPAM). Submissions are analyzed and malicious links/information can be identified, helping to update filters.

What is the benefit of blocking nuisance calls?

It will reduce the number of nuisance calls that Shaw Mobile customers receive.

I am still receiving nuisance calls. Can I report that?

The current solution in place will not guarantee that all nuisance calls will be blocked, however it will certainly reduce the volume. This will also continuously evolve over time to help develop new nuisance call techniques.

Can I opt out/in of the call blocking solution functionality enforced by the CRTC?

The CRTC directed all carriers to implement the call blocking solution at the network level. This means that all calls with blatantly illegitimate Caller ID will be automatically blocked prior to reaching your phone.  This is done automatically when the call reaches our network, so individual customers are not able to opt-out of the solution.

Can I block Caller ID on all my calls?

No, as this is not a personalized solution. The system learns to block calls based on certain criteria. This functionality is in effect for all Shaw Mobile customers.

Can I block SMS or MMS messages?

No. If a customer receives a spam text message on their phone, forward that text to short code 7726 (SPAM).

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