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Affordable, fast LTE data.

These are exciting times at Freedom Mobile. We continue to grow and expand, giving Canadians more choice for more affordable LTE data. In fact, an additional 1.3 million Canadians will get access to wireless from us in 2019. Select a city below to see where we’re growing.

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Our fast LTE network

Our network is constantly growing. Our new Extended Range LTE network is our latest step in creating and growing an improved wireless experience. To see how our network is delivering a great experience on the latest and greatest phones, click here. When you choose Freedom Mobile, you also get access to Western Canada’s largest WiFi network π with over 100,000 hotspots, at no additional charge.

• Extended range
• Improved indoor coverage
• More places than ever
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Affordable data plans

At Freedom, we’re committed to giving you fast LTE data plans for great value. Like our Big Gig data plans which offer something for everyone, including 10GB for only $50/mo. on our fast LTE network. Check out our complete selection of affordable plans.

The future is Freedom.

So, why go anywhere else? Freedom Mobile isn’t just another phone company. Freedom is the future of wireless in Canada and we're expanding. Look for us where you live.

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