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Freedom 5G Starts With You

A revolution in connectivity

Say goodbye to latency as Freedom 5G ushers in the most powerful mobile network ever.

  • More network sensors

  • Stronger connectivity

  • Deeper communication

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Your City Is Going to Get a Whole Lot Smarter

For the first time, you’ll get up-to-the-second information, helping you get around town.

Receive accurate weather reports on the go, keeping you up to date with changing conditions.

Take the fastest, safest route wherever you go with instantaneous GPS navigation, traffic updates and alerts.

And get real-time information about your commute, like your estimated time of arrival.

We’ll break records, you’ll break boundaries.

With network speeds never seen before, Freedom 5G is going to transform how you experience your entertainment.

  • Many times faster than 4G networks

  • Download an HD movie in seconds

  • Upload your entire photo history instantly

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Get Ready For a Major Upgrade

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Free yourself from the couch and take HD gaming on the go for a seamless mobile gaming experience.

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Immerse yourself in your surroundings

Freedom 5G is Going to Help Augmented Reality Reach Its Full Potential

  • 5g = 1ms response time

  • 4g = 50ms response time

  • 3G = 60ms response time

Imagine Exploring Stanley Park Using Built-In Augmented Reality

Designated in 1888

8 million visitors yearly

404.9 Hectares

4,049 km

1.563 sq mi

"We’re going to help Canadians explore and create new capabilities, new applications, and new services to improve the lives of everyone.  I really can’t wait to see what Canadians do with this amazing new technology."

- Brian O'Shaughnessy

SVP, Wireless & 5G Technology