Freedom TV Service Agreement

Updated as of April 23, 2024

This Service Agreement sets out specific terms and conditions applicable to the television service that you subscribe to from Freedom, which is provided by VMedia Inc. (“Freedom TV”). This Service Agreement forms part of the Agreement between you and Freedom, which also includes Service Terms being Part 2 of the Communications Service Agreement you have with Freedom. Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalized terms in this Service Agreement have the meaning assigned to those terms in the Service Terms.

1. How do I accept this Service Agreement?

You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to this Service Agreement when you placed an order for Freedom TV by any means including online or over the phone.

If you do not agree to the Service Terms or this Service Agreement, or any other parts of the Agreement, you may not use Freedom TV.

2. What is the Order Confirmation Email and how does it fit in to the Agreement?

When you place an order for Freedom TV, Freedom will send you an email with information relating to those services and attaching your Agreement (“Order Confirmation Email”). The Order Confirmation Email provides a summary description of the services and service features that you have ordered and lists the applicable Fees.

Similarly, if you change your Freedom TV subscription or add a service feature, we will send you an Order Confirmation Email confirming the change and changes to Fees going forward and updating your Agreement accordingly.

All Order Confirmation Emails for Freedom TV that are in effect (i.e. not cancelled or superseded by a subsequent Order Confirmation Email) form part of your Agreement.

If you discover an error in the information contained in an Order Confirmation Email, please contact Freedom through the point(s) of contact set out in Section 44 of the Service Terms. Otherwise, if you do not agree with the information contained in an Order Confirmation Email, you may not use Freedom TV.

3. What is Freedom TV?

Freedom TV consists of delivery over an Internet connection of programming content which may include various programming packages, subscriptions, a-la-carte programming, personal video recorder (“PVR”) services (including physical and / or software / cloud-based recording), pay-per-view (“PPV”) services, on-demand (“On-Demand”) services, interactive services, applications and other content (collectively, “Programming”).

You are required to include, at a minimum, a “basic” service package in your subscription. Canadian laws require Freedom to provide the “basic” service package to all its customers. The “basic” service package may change from time to time.

With the exception of the required “basic” service package, you have the flexibility of choosing Programming from the catalogue of content through the Website. Choice of Programming may vary based on the service location from which you are accessing Freedom TV. Freedom’s programming options may also reflect various programming packaging rules established by the CRTC.

4. Are there any eligibility requirements to receive Freedom TV?

Yes. You must have an active Internet service subscription with Freedom.[JY

5. What Equipment is required to use Freedom TV?

Freedom TV is available to watch through the Freedom TV app. Freedom may also make available Equipment to watch Freedom TV directly on your television set. When available, you will be required to use either a set-top box supplied by Freedom or an Authorized Device in order to do so. Authorized Devices may be self-supplied or may be supplied by Freedom on request and depending on the availability of supplies. If you request a set-top box or an Authorized Device, Freedom will ship a unit to your billing address by courier or mail. The unit will be shipped with materials including accessories and may include instructions for initial installation and configuration.

The set-top box or Authorized Device may be included in your package or available for rent at prices set out on the Website, or, if not set out on the Website, at prices quoted by Freedom on request. Rented set-top box or Authorized Devices supplied by Freedom remain Freedom property at all times.

We cannot guarantee that the set-top box or Authorized Device will work with all television sets, remote controls, home theatre components or other audio/visual equipment that you are responsible for supplying. We also cannot guarantee that Freedom TV will work with all Authorized Devices.

From time to time, Freedom TV may require downloads of software updates to your set-top box or Authorized Device. These software updates are necessary to improve your Freedom TV experience. If you do not agree to receive these software updates, your only remedy is to cancel Freedom TV.

6. Can Freedom make changes to Freedom TV?

Yes. Availability and pricing of Freedom TV, including the rental prices (if applicable) of the set-top box and the prices applicable to any and all Programming, is available on the Website. Any changes to Services will be made in accordance with Section 5 of the Service Terms.

This means that Programming channels may be added, suspended from time to time or cancelled permanently, and individual programs may be blacked out in your local viewing area, due to restrictions imposed by the providers of such programming or the rights of Canadian programming services. If you are not satisfied with any changes made to Programming, your sole remedy is to cancel your Freedom TV Service in accordance with Section 30 of the Service Terms.

7. Can I make changes to the Programming to which I subscribe?

Yes. You can make changes to subscription-based Programming selections at any time through My Account or by contacting Freedom through the point(s) of contact set out in Section 44 of the Service Terms. For billing purposes, any changes to Programming subscriptions will be effective immediately and you will only be billed for a prorated portion of the monthly-billing cycle. In other words, whether you add or remove a programming package, we will only bill you for the time that you maintained an active subscription to the Programming in question.

8. Are there any availability limitations for Freedom TV?

Yes. All Programming is only available within Canada and is provided on a “subject to availability” basis. Certain Programming transmitted by Freedom, including sports events, may be “blacked out” in your area of reception sometimes for copyright or other reasons. Programming may also be subject to temporary interruption due to causes outside of Freedom’s control (for example, due to an Interruption in Internet connectivity). Freedom will not refund charges or credit you for the blackout period or temporary interruptions.

When you are using Freedom TV through the Freedom TV app away from your service address, certain Programming may be unavailable or you may be subject to limitations with respect to viewing Programming on certain devices.

Availability is always subject to the other limitations described in your Agreement.

9. Does Freedom TV use Internet data?

Yes. Freedom TV relies on your Internet connection in order to receive Programming and set-top box software updates from the Freedom server. However, all of Freedom’s Internet packages feature unlimited bandwidth.

10. How do I return Equipment to Freedom if my Services are cancelled?

When your Services are cancelled, you must return to us all Equipment that you do not own. Equipment must be returned in its original packaging, including all packaging and materials provided by the manufacturer and all accessories and ancillary equipment (e.g. power adapter, remote controls and wires), at your expense. You must use adequate protective packaging (e.g. bubble packaging) when shipping Equipment back to us.

If Freedom does not receive your returned set-top box within thirty (30) days of the date of cancellation, you will be charged the undiscounted value of a set-top box.

11. What are the rules for PPV and On-Demand services?

All sales of PPV or On-Demand Programming are final. One-time charges for pay-per-use services, such as PPV and some On-Demand services, are applied at the current rates at the time of use. If Freedom is unable to provide any PPV or On-Demand Programming that you have ordered, Freedom will credit you the amount charged for that PPV or On-Demand Programming. If permitted by applicable law, Freedom is not responsible for cancelled events or failure to provide any PPV or On-Demand Programming. Certain PPV or On-Demand Programming may only be ordered if you also subscribe to other Programming.

12. What are the proprietary rights and related rules that apply to Freedom TV?

The proprietary rights set out in Sections 24, 25 and 26 of the Service Terms apply. In addition, you cannot engage in any rebroadcasting, copying, transmission or performance of Programming. Also, you cannot charge any admission or receive consideration (including consideration received by a third party for your benefit) in return for allowing a third party to listen to or view any Freedom TV Programming.

13. Is there a limit to the amount of devices that I can use to watch Freedom TV concurrently?

Yes. Although you can use Freedom TV on as many devices as you want, you can watch Freedom TV concurrently (or at the same time) on a maximum 5 devices by default, subject to limitations set by programme suppliers.

14. What are my responsibilities with respect to Freedom TV?

In addition to any other responsibilities set out in this Agreement, you are responsible for supplying all wiring inside your premises and ensuring that this wiring is in good working condition.

* 2251723 Ontario Inc. doing business as VMedia.