Freedom Home Internet's ITMP (Internet Traffic Management Policy)

Updated as of April 23, 2024

Freedom is dedicated to delivering consistent and reliable connectivity to all subscribers. To achieve this goal, Freedom applies a multi-tiered approach consisting of installation best-practices, network utilization monitoring and, when required, carefully implemented congestion management strategies. Being open and transparent about our network management practices is as important to us as delivering high quality services.

Freedom strives to deliver advertised package speeds in a consistent and dependable manner. We are also advocates of open Internet access and net neutrality.

However, with a view to ensuring network integrity and the best possible service experience for all Freedom Home Internet subscribers, we reserve the right to manage our networks. We may use a variety of network management techniques that change as the Internet continues to evolve.

Network management techniques are typically applied when Freedom’s network is heavily congested or subject to a security or network integrity threat.

Freedom Internet Traffic Management continuously monitors our network. When congestion is detected, Freedom Internet Traffic Management may assign higher priority levels to time-sensitive and priority Internet traffic like TV and VoIP, video streaming and gaming to ensure that they are not swamped by the traffic of very resource-intensive (but not very time-sensitive) applications like file downloads and peer to peer traffic.

During peak periods, when congestion occurs, downstream peer-to-peer traffic and similar non real-time applications are regulated to allow for real-time applications such as TV and VoIP, and video streaming, chat and gaming the best possible user experience. Traffic that is not prioritized, such as the traffic of resource-intensive applications, may be slowed as a result of time-sensitive and priority traffic being prioritized. It is not possible to define the exact impact that Freedom Internet Traffic Management will have on the speed of traffic that is not prioritized, such as the traffic of resource-intensive applications, when congestion occurs.

Finally, when Freedom observes that a particular network path is consistently approaching or reaching its known capacity, we will plan to make additional infrastructure investments in order to better accommodate the current and future bandwidth demands of our customers.