How To: Troubleshoot the Connection to your Home Internet


There are many reasons why you might be unable to connect to the Internet. An offline modem, hardware failure, or a settings issue might be to blame.

The information below will help you narrow down the cause.

Power Cycle Your Equipment

Simply ‘restarting’ your equipment can solve many problems – use the following steps as a first phase of troubleshooting your Home Internet connection:

  1. Unplug the power cord from your modem.

  2. Wait at least 30 seconds, then plug the power cord back into your modem.

  3. Wait a few minutes until the modem comes back online.

  4. Test your Internet connection.

Optional: Restart your connected devices. (smartphone, laptop, etc.)

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Check Your Wired Connections

It's possible that one of your cables or cords is unplugged, loose, or damaged.

  1. Ensure that a power cable, coaxial cable, and an Ethernet cable are all plugged into your modem and hand tightened.

  2. Check the length of each cable for kinks, cuts, or abrasions, and replace any damaged cables.

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