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We've got your covered.

You'll see either "Freedom" or "Nationwide" at the top of your phone.

What's covered by my plan?

For all Big Gig plans:

Both Freedom and Nationwide networks are included in your plan so there are no overages unless you’re roaming on an international network outside of Canada.

For all Freedom plans:

When you're travelling in Canada, our Nationwide partner networks come with additional pay-per-use charges on top of your Freedom plan. If you purchase a roaming add-on, you will be charged on a pay-per-use basis if your add-on runs out.

All plans come with a unique amount of data, and without any potential data overage charges. To see what your plan includes, log into My Account now.

Freedom Network (LTE)

If you see "Freedom", it means that you are on our fast LTE network.

Nationwide Network

If you see "Nationwide" at the top of your phone, it means you are outside of our Freedom network but you’re still connected to one of our partner networks.