Ways to Save

Find out how to get big savings with MyTab.

What MyTab am I eligible for?

Be on a Pay After account and check out your plan details to see what MyTab levels you're eligible for. See our full suite of MyTab levels below.

Pay a MyTab Boost each
month for 24 Months of:
Reduce your Phone's
Upfront Cost by:
 $30  $720
 $35 $840 
$40 $960
 $50  $1200

What savings will I receive?

Savings depend on the phone you purchase, and the plan you’re on. Check out our phone sales to see what savings are available.

How does MyTab work?

Each month we will reduce your MyTab Balance by an equal amount. The reduction is calculated by dividing your remaining MyTab Balance by the number of months left in your 24 month term.

If you want to upgrade your phone or cancel your service, you pay only the remaining MyTab Balance. You can check your remaining balance on your monthly invoice or in My Account.

Example below shows a $480 phone and a $15 MyTab Boost, with savings of $120:



Month 1

Month 2

Month 24

Previous MyTab Balance




MyTab Boost

- $15

- $15

- $15

Monthly Savings

- $5

- $5

- $5

Current MyTab Balance




Total Savings Received




Total MyTab Paid




What if I’m on an older plan?

If you’re not on an in-market plan, some MyTab Boost eligibility restrictions may apply. Visit a store or call in for details. You can always upgrade to one of our in-market plans to take advantage of the full MyTab suite.

Where can I learn more?

See Frequently Asked Questions.
See MyTab Additional Terms of Service.


Freedom Mobile Trade-in
Save up to $300 on the price of a new device by trading in your old phone. 

The Benefits of Trading In

  • Save up to $300 on your next smartphone purchase
  • Simple on the spot in-store transaction
  • Avoid the hassle of selling through classifieds
  • Available for new and existing customers
  • Help the environment by recycling your phone 

How Does It Work?

Visit a store to see what your device is worth
Bring in a device that’s in good working condition—which means that it powers on with no screen damage – and we’ll let you know how much your phone is worth. Not all phones will be accepted due to condition and market value. If your phone isn't eligible for a credit we can recycle it for you.

Remove your data and trade in your device
Before you trade in your Device, remove your SIM, memory card, any applicable accessories, and delete all of your personal data or transfer it to your new one.

Use your Trade-In credit
Use the full trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new smartphone and accessories.

See Freedom Mobile Trade-In Terms & Conditions
Better Together Savings
Take advantage of discounts on additional lines.
With Better Together Savings your family can save up to $300+ a year.

Mix and match eligible monthly phone and mobile internet plans.

 2 Lines
 $2  $48
 3 Lines
 $3  $108
 4 Lines
 $4  $192
 5+ Lines
 $5  $300+

All you have to do to get the benefits of Better Together Savings is activate eligible plans on the same account and we’ll do the rest. 

See Better Together Savings Terms & Conditions
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