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Hey Victoria, affordable
fast LTE data is coming.

February 2019


Real choice is finally coming to town February 2019. Freedom Mobile is coming to Victoria with our fast LTE network and great affordable data plans. So, don't settle for just another phone company.

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Expected network coverage

Upcoming Freedom Mobile store locations

1. Westshore Town Centre

2. Mayfair Shopping Centre

3. Uptown

4. Hillside Shopping Centre

5. The Bay Centre


Additional locations


3460 Saanich Rd

860 Langford Pkwy

The Mobile Shop

835 Langford Pkwy

For more information on Home, Variable and Away networks, click here.

The Freedom Mobile coverage area is an approximation of the actual wireless service available and is subject to change. The quality of voice and data service while within Freedom Mobile’s ‘Home’ and ‘Variable’ network coverage area may vary when indoors and due to terrain, foliage, device capabilities, technical capacity, or weather conditions. Freedom Mobile cannot guarantee service availability. Data speeds and network technology compatibility varies by device – check out our latest selection of phones or find out more about bringing your own phone to Freedom Mobile. Access to Extended Range LTE is only available in select ‘Home’ and ‘Variable’ coverage areas while using a compatible, VoLTE enabled device.

Terms & Conditions