Freedom Mobile Network


At Freedom Mobile, we offer lower prices because we’ve built our network where Canadians spend most of their time. Ensuring optimal coverage where you live, work and play is a top priority for us. Enhancements to our existing 3G network are already underway through 2017 and our new traffic-free LTE network is now available in Toronto and Vancouver, expanding to our other coverage areas through next year.


LTE Advanced

Because it occupies newly deployed spectrum, Freedom’s traffic-free LTE is like driving on a highway no one else is on. Websites and apps are more responsive, and video streaming is smoother and quicker to load.


3G / HSPA+ Data

3G network technology was the first generation of wireless to connect phones to the Internet. HSPA+ enhances 3G so you can experience download speeds of up to 42.2Mbps across our HOME and AWAY networks..



Canada/USA Coverage

Together with our Partner networks, Freedom Mobile covers 98% of the population. This means you can enjoy seamless service across both Canada and the USA.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Travelling has never been easier. We’ll keep you connected in over 160 countries and territories around the world.


Check out the coverage in your area.

To be sure Freedom Mobile is the right fit for you, please visit our coverage map to learn more about our LTE and 3G HOME and AWAY coverage areas.

Network Coverage Map
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