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What is email to text?

What is email to text?
Email to text service allows you to conveniently receive (and send) emails using text messages (not data service), right on your phone. Some extreme weather alert services and public alert systems uses the email for texting capabilities to deliver notifications to your phone.

What is my mobile email address?
Your mobile email address is your 10-digit phone number (For example: You get one email address per phone number.

How much does it cost?
Every message sent from your mobile costs 10 cents per message (Home), all received email to text messages are free of charge (Anywhere). Standard roaming rates apply while travelling. What are the benefits of email to text service?
  • • Quick delivery
  • • Allows messages longer than 160 characters
  • • Safety and security from spam messages.
  • • Avoids data consumption
How do I activate email to text service?
Setting up your text to email service is easy! Simply send a message from your cell phone to any single or number of email addresses by sending it to the short code of 4000.

For Example: "email_address1;email; email_address2; Hello World!"

Shortly after an SMS confirming activation with be sent to you, letting you know that your mailbox has been activated and your message has been prompted for delivery.

To block an email, text: “BLemail_address1” to 4000.
To whitelist an email, text: “UBLemail_address1” to 4000.

How do I deactivate email to text service?
To deactivate this service (and delete your mailbox), simply text “Stop” to 4000.