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What does full speed data allotment mean?

Our rate plans have different full speed data allotments, which could vary depending on the features of your plan.

When your data usage first exceeds the allotment outlined in your plan or add-on, we will reduce your data speed to 256 kilobits per second for downloads and 128 kilobits per second for uploads. These speeds should in general be sufficient for browsing, email, instant messaging and for many apps.

In extreme cases, if your data usage levels within the applicable billing cycle continue to be high and exceed the usage levels specified in your plan, we reserve the right to reduce your speed to a maximum of 32 kilobits-per-second of download bandwidth and 16 kilobits-per-second of upload bandwidth. If we elect to reduce your speeds, we will do so only until the end of the applicable billing cycle. To continue using data services at full speed, you can at any point in time change plans or add additional full speed data to your account from the available options. Note that if you do so, all usage during the billing cycle, whether throttled or at full speed, will count towards your new cap.

To help manage your data usage, we will send a text message (free of charge) or email (if you registered your correct email address on your account) notifying you that you are close to exceeding the levels of data consumption described above and additionally, we will send a further notifications advising of the data usage levels.

You can also take steps to monitor your usage proactively. For example, mobile Internet customers can use the “Connection Manager” feature to determine how much data they have used monthly; smartphone customers can review the service status and track usage on their phone through the My Account smartphone app or by logging on to My Account online.