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Products & Services

How long does the Home data package last and what happens to any unused data?

The Home data package is valid only for the duration purchased (i.e., 30-days). Once a package has expired, any unused data is forfeited.

The Home data package is a non-recurring package that is automatically removed from your rate plan after the duration of the package.

How can I purchase a Home Data package?

Home Data packages can be purchased through My Account. Once you're logged into My Account, look under Plans & Add-ons, then select “Manage one-time passes” to view available packages.

Protecting Against Caller ID Spoofing / Spam

Within the wireless industry, all carriers are faced with identical potentially fraudulent activities, as such, we are working diligently to combat this experience for our customers.

Caller ID spoofing /spam may be generated by an unknown caller looking to trigger a certain type of response with potentially unethical intentions. This caller may be using an outbound Caller ID different from the actual number being dialed from.

To protect yourself from these calls you may:

• Avoid answering or calling back unsolicited, unknown numbers.

• Review the features available on your device; some devices allow you to either block specific numbers or block those starting with a specific range of numbers.

• Sign up for Canada’s National Do Not Call List.

You are your best line of defense when it comes to protecting yourself against incurring additional charges outside of your plan inclusions.

Ensure you understand your plan inclusions prior to using your services; you are responsible for all charges associated with your service.

What are short codes and how much do they cost to use?

Short codes are premium SMS messages that are widely used for value-added services like ordering content, voting, interacting with TV/radio programs, and connecting with social networks.

How to recognize a short code
Number destinations used by these services are not mobile numbers but "short codes" - often only 5 digits long.

Short code pricing
Short code services usually carry a fee separate from the texts included in your standard plan and add-ons. The fee will depend on the service, and may be:
  • • the standard out of plan texting rate (usually $0.10/text),
  • • a premium pay-per-use rate, or
  • • a monthly subscription fee.
These fees are charged by the 3rd party that provides the short code service, and we will not be able to tell you in advance what the cost it. Many modern smartphones warn you if you are sending a message to a short code to help you avoid unintentional charges.

Learning more about a short code
To find out more details about a specific short code, you can text the word ‘HELP’ to the short code and in most cases you will receive further information.

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) has a comprehensive list of short codes available to the public.

What should I do if I’m having issues accessing Visual Voicemail?

Take the following steps to troubleshoot issues accessing your Visual Voicemail:

  1. 1. Confirm you are subscribed to the service.
  2. 2. Confirm you have an iPhone 5S or newer device
  3. 3. Confirm your device has carrier bundle 32.1 or newer and iOS version 11.3.x or newer
  4. 4. Confirm you have complete the setup on your iPhone.  
  5. 5. Confirm you have paid your monthly subscription fee.
  6. 6. Complete a power cycle by turning your phone off and on.

If you are still having issues, feel free to Contact Us for support. 

What should I do if I’m having issues subscribing to Visual Voicemail?

If you are unable to subscribe to Visual Voicemail from MyAccount please Contact Us for support.

Does Visual Voicemail use data from my plan?

Visual Voicemail will use data from your plan. Data charges may apply when roaming.

Why is there sometimes a delay in receiving messages?

To receive Visual Voicemail messages, you must have access to a cellular network or have Wi-Fi Calling enabled. Visual Voicemail is not available over Wi-Fi only service.  

How do I set up Visual Voicemail on my iPhone?

If you have subscribed to Visual Voicemail, and have already setup your Voicemail service no additional actions are required. To access your Visual Voicemail on your iPhone, just go to the Phone app, tap on the Voicemail tab and you will have immediate access to your Visual Voicemail service.


Voicemail must be set up before Visual Voicemail can be activated. If you have not yet set up your Voicemail service, take the following steps:

  1. 1. Go to the Phone app
  2. 2. Tap the Voicemail tab, and
  3. 3. Select “Set Up Now” and follow the onscreen prompts to setup your PIN and greeting. 

How do I subscribe to the Visual Voicemail service?

Take the following steps to subscribe to Visual Voicemail on your iPhone with Freedom Mobile:

  1. 1. Log into your MyAccount,
  2. 2. Select Plans and Add-ons,
  3. 3. Select Manage Add-ons,
  4. 4. Locate Visual Voicemail and select the “Add to My Plan” button.

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail is a subscription service that allows iPhone customers to easily access their voicemail messages without having to dial-in. Voicemail messages are downloaded to your device and can be listened to by simply tapping on the message in the Voicemail tab from the Phone app.

Add Visual Voicemail to your plan.

What is Call Control?

What is Call Control?
Call Control is a package of services we provide to everyone who has a phone plan. It includes six important services: caller ID, missed call alerts, call waiting, call hold, call forwarding and conference calling.

What's the maximum number of people I can conference onto one call?
All voice and text plans let you conference up to four (3+ you) people onto one call. You will be charged per each call. Check your phone's manual to learn more about how to conference multiple conversations into one call. You can find your phone manual in My Account.

Do I have access to all the Call Control services when I am using Away coverage?
Yes, all the features in Call Control work the same when you're Away as when you're within the Home network. Please note important information about charging below.

What is call forwarding?
Call forwarding allows you to redirect incoming calls to another Canadian phone number.

How do I setup up call forwarding?
There are two ways to setup call forwarding:
1. Through the phone menu You can find your phone manual in My Account.
2. using dial menu:

Unconditional Call Forwarding
All incoming calls are forwarded

Enable: **21*[10-digit Destination Number]#
Disable: #21#


Conditional Call Forwarding - No Reply
Calls are only forwarded when you do not answer the call

Enable: **61*[10-digit Destination Number]#
Disable: #61#


Conditional Call Forwarding - Not Reachable
Calls are only forwarded when you are not reachable (i.e., phone is turned off)

Enable: **62*[10-digit Destination Number]#
Disable: #62#


Conditional Call Forwarding - Busy
Calls are only forwarded when your line is busy (i.e., you are on another call and do not have call waiting enabled)

Enable: **67*[10-digit Destination Number]#
Disable: #67#

Are there any additional charges while using call forwarding?
When using conditional call forwarding you might incur additional charges while roaming for calls back to Canada from the roaming country.

You will not incur additional charges for using unconditional call forwarding when roaming.

See our International roaming rates. If you are planning to use your phone in the countries with higher roaming charges consider enabling Wi-Fi Calling on your phone.

What can I do if I'm receiving malicious or nuisance calls?

If you receive calls that you feel are malicious, a nuisance or unsolicited, a good first option is to block the caller’s number directly from your device. Consult the manufactures User Guide to understand how this works.

We cannot block calls or texts from a specific number.

Nuisance Calls
  • • If the call is a sales or marketing related, rather than a genuinely malicious call, you can register with the Do Not Call List, which can prevent future calls of this nature. The Do Not Call list is an independent government funded service.
  • • Most silent, or hang up calls are generated by companies using automated diallers in that generate large volumes of calls, and this can happen if more calls are answered than there were available agents. These calls aren't intended to be of a malicious nature and it's possible that the contact centre may eventually contact you again.

Malicious Calls
We can trace malicious calls for police using the Malicious Call Tracing (MCT) service, free of charge. 1. Immediately following an incoming harassing or threatening call, dial *57 from the Freedom Mobile phone that received the call. 2. Freedom Mobile will flag the offending phone number (even if it’s unknown or withheld) so that it can be shared with authorities upon request. 3. Contact the police to file a report, informing them that the offending call was flagged. Upon request, we will provide the flagged phone number to police. Note: If you already have the number of the caller, you can report the incident directly to the police without Malicious Call Tracing (MCT).

  • • Most malicious calls are made by people trying to get a reaction or cause upset, so staying calm can help stop the calls
  • • If you have the phone number of the caller, you can contact the police and give them the details
  • • Don’t give out your name or mobile number when you answer the phone
  • • Let callers identify themselves first and consider rejecting calls where the number is unknown or withheld
  • • Be careful not to leave your name or alternative contact number on your answer phone greeting
  • • Be careful not to post personal information on Internet websites such as social networking sites or forums
  • • Don’t talk to malicious callers or reply to unfamiliar text messages
  • • Try putting the phone down for a few minutes before ending the call – this may deter callers from continuing the call as they are wasting their time and money
If the call is malicious, there are steps we can take to assist you in addressing the problem.

We can trace malicious calls for police using the Malicious Call Tracing (MCT) service, free of charge.
  • 1. Immediately following an incoming harassing or threatening call, dial *57 from the Freedom Mobile phone that received the call.
  • 2. Freedom Mobile will flag the offending phone number (even if it’s unknown or withheld) so that it can be shared with authorities upon request.
  • 3. Contact the police to file a report, informing them that the offending call was flagged. Upon request, we will provide the flagged phone number to police.

NOTE: If you already have the number of the caller, you can report the incident directly to the police without Malicious Call Tracing (MCT).

If you would like to take immediate action, or the alternatives are not effective, you can change your number directly from My Account at any time.

IMPORTANT: picking a new phone number puts your old phone number into quarantine before it is reused, but you cannot get it back.

Do you provide accessibility support?

Yes. We offer services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired (DHHSI). For more information, visit ouraccessibility page.

Where is TTC Subway Station Coverage available?

Freedom Mobile customers can access talk,text, and data on our home network at 35+ TTC Subway Stations. Station coverage includes platforms, mezzanines and toll booths.

View our active station map to see all stations with coverage.

Our 3G and LTE networks are available at the following stations:
Union, King, Queen, Dundas, College, Wellesley, Bloor/Yonge, Sherbourne, Castle Frank, St. Andrew, Osgoode, St. Patrick, Queen’s Park, Museum, St. George, Bay, Spadina, Dupont, Bathurst, Christie, Ossington, Dufferin, Lansdowne, Dundas West, Keele, Summerhill, St. Clair, Eglinton, Lawrence, Sheppard, North Yor Centre, Finch, Bayview, Bessarion, Leslie, Don Mills

Our 3G network is available at the following stations:
Broadview, Chester, Pape, Donlands, Greenwood, Coxwell, Woodbine, Main, High Park, Runnymede, Jane, Old Mill, Royal York, St. Clair West

Can I tether my phone to my laptop to access the internet?

If you have data included in your plan you can use your phone's data connection to connect another device to the internet (aka "tethering"). Check your phone manual to confirm compatibility and for instructions on how to tether.

When you tether your phone, your internet access will work the same as it does through your device, Full Speed Allotments and our Fair Usage Policy apply.

View our Fair Usage Policy
View our Internet Traffic Management Policy

If you find you need more full speed data, the 3GB full speed data add-on can be added by either logging into My Account online or the My Account smartphone app.

What does full speed data allotment mean?

Our rate plans have different full speed data allotments, which could vary depending on the features of your plan.

When your data usage first exceeds the allotment outlined in your plan or add-on, we will reduce your data speed to 256 kilobits per second for downloads and 128 kilobits per second for uploads. These speeds should in general be sufficient for browsing, email, instant messaging and for many apps.

In extreme cases, if your data usage levels within the applicable billing cycle continue to be high and exceed the usage levels specified in your plan, we reserve the right to reduce your speed to a maximum of 32 kilobits-per-second of download bandwidth and 16 kilobits-per-second of upload bandwidth. If we elect to reduce your speeds, we will do so only until the end of the applicable billing cycle. To continue using data services at full speed, you can at any point in time change plans or add additional full speed data to your account from the available options. Note that if you do so, all usage during the billing cycle, whether throttled or at full speed, will count towards your new cap.

To help manage your data usage, we will send a text message (free of charge) or email (if you registered your correct email address on your account) notifying you that you are close to exceeding the levels of data consumption described above and additionally, we will send a further notifications advising of the data usage levels.

You can also take steps to monitor your usage proactively. For example, mobile Internet customers can use the “Connection Manager” feature to determine how much data they have used monthly; smartphone customers can review the service status and track usage on their phone through the My Account smartphone app or by logging on to My Account online.

What is email to text?

What is email to text?
Email to text service allows you to conveniently receive (and send) emails using text messages (not data service), right on your phone. Some extreme weather alert services and public alert systems uses the email for texting capabilities to deliver notifications to your phone.

What is my mobile email address?
Your mobile email address is your 10-digit phone number (For example: You get one email address per phone number.

How much does it cost?
Every message sent from your mobile costs 10 cents per message (Home), all received email to text messages are free of charge (Anywhere). Standard roaming rates apply while travelling. What are the benefits of email to text service?
  • • Quick delivery
  • • Allows messages longer than 160 characters
  • • Safety and security from spam messages.
  • • Avoids data consumption
How do I activate email to text service?
Setting up your text to email service is easy! Simply send a message from your cell phone to any single or number of email addresses by sending it to the short code of 4000.

For Example: "email_address1;email; email_address2; Hello World!"

Shortly after an SMS confirming activation with be sent to you, letting you know that your mailbox has been activated and your message has been prompted for delivery.

To block an email, text: “BLemail_address1” to 4000.
To whitelist an email, text: “UBLemail_address1” to 4000.

How do I deactivate email to text service?
To deactivate this service (and delete your mailbox), simply text “Stop” to 4000.

What is World Traveller?

Our World Traveller add-on gives you discounted talk, text, and data rates while travelling in numerous countries around the world. World Traveller is also included in many of our plans.

See a full listing of all World Traveller add-on countries and rates.

How to add World Traveller
You can activate the add-on in a number of easy ways:

New Customers:
  • • In-store: At the time of activation at any retail location 

Existing Customers: 
  • • Web: Online through My Account
  • • Device: By dialling *233# from your phone
  • • Phone: By calling Freedom Mobile Customer Care at *611 from your phone

What is Video Streaming Optimization?

In order to provide you with a quality mobile video streaming experience, we have implemented video streaming optimization across our network.

The degree of optimization depends on the technical characteristics of the video stream and the phone you're using (e.g., with higher resolution for phones with large screens than for phones with small screens).

Can I make/receive collect calls with your service?

At this time, we do not offer collect call services.

Will 411 work on my Freedom Mobile phone?

You can call 411 on your phone anywhere in Canada or the US. Calls to 411 from Canada will cost $1.75/call; calls to 411 when in the US will cost $2.75/call.

What should I know about using 9-1-1?

When calling 9-1-1 always provide your name, wireless phone number and the location you are calling from. Remember, it's important to speak clearly. Stay on the line for as long as the 9-1-1 operator requires. Calls to 9-1-1 are free so take all the time that you need. Leave your handset turned on after hanging up in case the 9-1-1 operator needs to call you back. Please do not program 9-1-1 into your speed dial. This can lead to accidental calls that take up valuable emergency resources.

Calling 9-1-1 on your wireless device is subject to the same limitations as all wireless calls. If you are underground or too far away from a wireless antenna, the quality of your call may be affected or you may not be able to connect to the network.

Enhanced 9-1-1 Services (E9-1-1)

Freedom Mobile offers enhanced 9-1-1 services, also called E9-1-1.  E9-1-1 is an investment by operators to provide better accuracy, more frequently, in order to determine your location when making a 9-1-1 call. Usually you can tell the 9-1-1 operator where you are, but sometimes you may not know, or may not be able to tell them, so that’s where the location information provided by E9-1-1 comes in.

Freedom Mobile does not know where you go, or where you are at any time other than when you call 9-1-1. We don’t use the information, except to help emergency crews find you. The location information is provided directly to the 9-1-1 emergency operators and response units and is not shared with anyone else.

We are not charging you for the E9-1-1 service, or for the actual call to 9-1-1.

E9-1-1 Location Accuracy

There are huge variations in the level of accuracy of our location information depending on where you are, what phone you have, and even what’s around you. Our system has several methods to provide the location information as accurately as possible. The first is GPS (using 4 or more satellites and the GPS functionality of your phone if it is equipped). If that’s not available (for example, if there are fewer than 4 satellites available), we use a combination of some network information AND GPS (a hybrid approach). If that doesn’t work (no satellites or your phone doesn’t have GPS), we use network information and attempt to find the location by triangulation. Each one of these methods is successively less accurate and is impacted by your phone, where you are, and what’s around you.

If you’re outdoors in a fairly open area, you have a phone with GPS, and there are 4 satellites that lock on, your location can be determined to around 50 metres. However, if you are outdoors, but we can only use network triangulation, and there is interference from buildings, trees, mountains, or other objects, then your location can only be known to about 600 metres. In the absolute worst case, where your location can only be determined by a single tower location and you’re beside or close to a large body of water (like some of the channels and rivers in Vancouver), then the location accuracy can be up to a few kilometers in extreme situations.

The GPS approach (the most accurate) becomes less effective the further indoors you go (away from windows). None of the methods work in 3 dimensions, meaning that if you’re in a multistory building, your location won’t show which floor you're on. It will only indicate the 2-dimensional latitude and longitude coordinates. It is more difficult (and less accurate) to determine your location if you’re on the move. If you move after you’ve placed the 9-1-1 call, emergency services won’t be able to locate you.

If you’re outside of Freedom Mobile's Home network or if you’re roaming outside of Canada, your wireless network services may be provided by one of our partners who may have different technical approaches to their emergency location services. The ranges of accuracy will be roughly the same, but not all networks (especially internationally) have the same requirements as in Canada. Most of our phones come equipped with GPS. If you’re not sure, you can check your phone's manufacturer's web site.

To learn more about Canada's E9-1-1 service, visit the CRTC here

How do I check my voicemail when I'm Away or while roaming internationally?

When you're Away, check your voicemail just like you do at home: dial 777 from your phone or call 1-647-700-1777 from any other line. Note that if you use your phone, you’ll be charged per minute Away calling rates. You will also be prompted to enter your voicemail password. 

While International roaming: call 1-647-700-1777, but keep in mind that you’ll be charged per minute International Roaming calling rates.

How do I get in touch with Customer Care when I'm outside Canada?

Wherever you are, you can always get hold of us free of charge. If you are outside of Canada, call Customer Care by dialling 1-647-700-1611.

You can also contact customer care by email if the issue is not urgent.

What conditions apply to your international text and calling options?

All of the services provided to you by Freedom Mobile, including the International Calling add-ons, are intended for your personal use and not for commercial use or for resale. That means that you cannot share, sell or resell the services provided to you by Freedom Mobile. Loaning or renting your handset to any third parties for their use is not considered personal use. These prohibitions apply even if we have described the services we have offered as being “unlimited.” We have the right to determine that certain usage, dialling, or calling patterns indicate that you are not using our services for your personal use and we reserve the right to suspend, terminate or restrict your services with no prior notice.

For the International Calling add-on services, such as Call India or Call Bangladesh, after voice usage above 10,000 minutes per billing cycle, we reserve the right to suspend, terminate or restrict the add-on, with no prior notice, until the next billing cycle. If we have suspended or terminated your add-on services, you will be charged regular pay-per-use rates for international calling. However, if the usage, dialling, or calling patterns which suggested to us that you were sharing, selling, or reselling our services continues, we reserve the right to re-suspend, re-terminate, or re-restrict your services within no prior notice. In those circumstances, we may also refuse to allow you to reactivate service.

To help you to manage your International Calling add-on usage, we will send you text message warnings (free of charge) notifying you that you are approaching the voice usage levels set out above.

Why do you manage the traffic on your network?

We are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all our customers. To meet this goal, we use a variety of internet traffic management techniques to limit spam, viruses and other security and stability threats to mobile devices and the network. See the details of our Internet Management Policy.

In addition, we employ video traffic optimization in order to minimize network congestion.

To ensure our customers enjoy optimal service on our network we also have a Fair Usage Policy.

How can I hide my number from call display?

To help maintain your privacy, you can choose to have your phone number and name blocked from being displayed to the person you’re calling.

To withhold your phone number from displaying when making a call, dial #31# plus the phone number you’re calling and hit Send. When that person receives your call, their phone will show an incoming call from “unknown”. For example, to block the phone at 555-666-1234 from seeing your phone number, you would dial: #31#5556661234

Your handset may be enabled to turn on phone number display blocking for all outbound calls, regardless of who you’re calling. Please refer to your handset manual for details.

What is the #Taxi service and how does it work?

You can dial #TAXI (#8294) to reach a taxi company anywhere in Canada. You will be charged $1.50 /call.

Just dial #TAXI (#8294) and follow the prompts. You are connected to the first available taxi company or the company of your choice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, almost everywhere in Canada. We will send you free text message with the name and the contact details of the cab company assigned to your call.

Can I text to landline phones?

Text to Landline messaging allows you to send a text message from your mobile phone to any landline phone in Canada or the U.S. Text. Messages are converted into voice messages for the recipient.

Send a Text to Landline message as you would send a regular text message. (Text to Landline is currently available in English.)

  • 1. From your mobile phone’s Main Menu, choose Send Message in the Messaging category.
  • 2. Select Text and enter the landline phone number you’d like to send the message to.
  • 3. Type your message and press Send.
Once a Text to Landline message is sent, a call is placed to the recipient so they can listen to the message in voice format. If there is no answer, the message is placed on the recipient’s answering service. If there is no answering service, the system will attempt to deliver the message until the maximum number of rings is reached, then will retry after 5 minutes, and once more after 15 minutes.

Any customer with a text messaging-capable phone can use the Text to Landline service and no subscription is required. Standard text messaging rates apply. There is no charge to the recipient of a Text to Landline message.

How do I access or configure my Voicemail+?

These are the features that put the plus in Voicemail+
  • • Free message retrieval (from anywhere on our network)
  • • Storage for up to 50 voice messages (new and saved ones)
  • • Voice message length of up to 3 minutes each
  • • Greeting length of up to 32 seconds (maximum 5 greetings allowed)
  • • Access to messages directly with enhanced SMS notifications
  • • Maximum message storage time of:
    30 days for new voicemail messages
    90 days for saved voicemail messages

How do you use and customize Voicemail+?
You can customize your Voicemail+ add-on at any time by dialling into your Voicemail by pressing and holding 1 and following the prompts below:

Play menu
  • • [1] rewind 6 seconds
  • • [1 1] replay message
  • • [3] skip forward 6 seconds
  • • [9] save message
  • • [#] keep new and play next
  • • [7] delete message
  • • [53] enable/disable call back number
Greeting menu
  • • [3] record, change greetings
  • • [88] activate/deactivate status greetings
  • • [44] modify personal preferences (password, language, etc.)
  • • [**] return to main menu

What is World Saver?

Our World Saver add-on gives you discounted rates for long distance phone calls plus unlimited text messages to international destinations.  World Saver add-on is included in most of our rate plans.

See our World Saver rates.

How to add World Saver
You can activate the add-on in a number of easy ways:

New Customers:
  • • In-store: At the time of activation at any retail location 

Existing Customers: 
  • • Web: Online through My Account
  • • Device: By dialling *233# from your phone
  • • Phone: By calling Customer Care at *611 from your phone.