Managing Your Account

Managing your account

What is My Account and how do I access it?

My Account is the part of our website you can use to manage your account. There is also a smartphone app for Android and iOS.

With the My Account website or app you’ll be able to:
  • • make payments,
  • • check the online user guide for your phone,
  • • check plan details,
  • • manage add ons and features,
  • • see usage details,
  • • manage personal information like your billing address,
  • • set up pre-authorized payment, and
  • • much more!
Logging into My Account
To login for the first time you’ll need to know your phone number and temporary PIN that was sent to you by text message and email.

Once you’re logged in, a wizard will help you to:
  • • customize your PIN,
  • • create an optional user name and password,
  • • connect your Facebook or Twitter account, and
  • • verify your email address is accurate.

Do you have a My Account app?

We have a smartphone app compatible with the majority of Android and iOS phones.

Our My Account smartphone app is the quickest and easiest way to manage your services wherever you are, at any time you like, right from your smartphone.

Easily manage all your services
  • • Fast login using your phone number and PIN
  • • Switch between multiple phone numbers on your account and manage them all

Quick access to usage, billing, and payments
  • • Check your account balance and pay by credit card, VISA debit, or top up code
  • • View billing and payment history
  • • See up-to 6 months of talk, text, and data usage
  • • Statistics for on- and off-network usage, and monthly usage comparisons
  • • Setup preauthorized payments

Add, change, or remove services on the go
  • • Change your monthly plan
  • • Add or remove add-ons
  • • Disable or enable network settings, like access to long distance calling and roaming

Keep your details up to date, and more
  • • Update your account information, like email or mailing address
  • • Select a new PIN that’s easy to remember, or reset it if you’ve forgotten
  • • Redeem a promotional code

What do I do if I've forgotten the PIN or password for My Account?

It’s easy to reset your PIN if you’ve forgotten it.
  • 1. Go to My Account and click the “forgot PIN?’ link.
  • 2. Enter your phone number and prove you’re not a robot.
  • 3. Check your email for an email from us. It includes a secure PIN/password reset link.
  • 4. Click the link and answer the security questions about your account, then pick a new PIN or password.
If you’ve tried the reset option and still can’t log in, give us a call at 1-877-946-3149 for additional support.

Can I transfer ownership of my service to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer ownership of your service at any time.

In order to transfer ownership of your service we require consent from both yourself and the person you are transferring ownership to. Get started today by visiting a store with the current and future account holder, along with two pieces of ID.

IMPORTANT: MyTab is not transferrable.
It is important to note that MyTab agreements are non-transferable. Prior to initiating the transfer of ownership any existing MyTab needs to be paid off by the current account holder.

How can I add or change my add-ons?

Adding a new add-on
Adding or changing add-ons is simple to do online in My Account or using the My Account smartphone app.

Removing an existing add-on
If you want to cancel an add-on you can
  • • log into the My Account website or smartphone app, or
  • • call Customer Care by dialling 611 from your phone (or 1-877-946-3184).

Can I change my phone number?

Selecting a new phone number If you want to pick a new phone number you can do it using the My Account app or website.

Once logged in,
  • 1. Navigate to Plans & Add-ons
  • 2. Select the Change Phone Number hyperlink,
  • 3. Select a new phone number from the list of what’s available.
Note: There may be a fee associated with changing your number. We will give you a chance to confirm the cost before proceeding with your number change.

Porting in an existing number from another carrier
If you want to switch your number to one you already have with another carrier, give our customer service a call by dialling 611 from your phone or 1-877-946-3149.

IMPORTANT: porting a number to us will cancel the service with your old provider.

Learn more about porting your phone number.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time, but only once per billing period. There is no fee to change your plan to one of our standard monthly plans, however there may be special conditions to switch to one of our promotional plans.

The easiest way to change your plan is by logging into the My Account website or smartphone app.

Pay After
If you are Pay After customer and you want to change your plan you will see two charges on your next invoice: (a) the prorated charges for your plan from the day you changed to the end of that billing cycle (b) one full month’s plan fee for the next complete month of service.

When you are changing your plan please make sure you check your MyTab balance and MyTab conditions. Some or all of your tab balance may be outstanding if you downgrade to a plan that is not eligible for MyTab.

Pay Before
If you are a Pay Before customer and you want to change your plan, you will have to top up 100% of the new plan you are changing to. Your account has to be active at the time of change. The prorated amount for the old plan (for any unused days) will be automatically returned to your balance after you change your plan. 

How can I change my personal information?

To change your personal information, go to  My Account and sign in.

Once logged in, click on “My Profile”. Here you can complete the following updates:

  • • Change your PIN.
  • • Authorize User Access on your account.
  • • Update your Home/Work Numbers.
  • • Update your email address.
  • • Setup a username and password.
  • • Edit your Social Network Connections.

Where can I get information on my older plan that’s no longer available?

Log in to My Account online or smartphone app to see a list of the features included in your monthly rate plan.

How can I manage my account from my Freedom Mobile phone?

All customers can use *123# to check their account balance and usage - this includes both MyTab and Pay Before and Pay After balances. It’s a quick and easy way to get an overview of the number of messages and minutes you’ve used during the current month. Depending on whether you’re Pay Your Way, Pay Before, or Pay After, we’ve also got customized features that help you manage your account.

Simply dial *123# from your handset and follow the instructions – for example, hit "1" and press send to go to My Account and check your usage, balance, and plan. Misfire and hit the wrong button? No problem, press any key to return to the initial menu at any time. If you have a Huawei U1250, Samsung Gravity 2 or Nokia 5230 handset you need to press “Reply” prior to entering the option number and then the “Send” key.  There’s also a 5-minute timeout so after this time you’ll need to dial *123# again to access the portal.

*123# is free of charge from anywhere in the world, please note that it may not work in all International roaming countries.

What can you do with *123#?

Pay Before and Pay Your Way customers

  • Top up your own or another Pay Before account using a top-up code you purchased
  • Share your credit with another Pay Before customer - this includes being able to transfer credit to an international Pay Before customer. You can transfer any amount between $1 and $150, in increments of $1 (ie: send $2, $3 or $147).
  • Add Freedom Mobile add-ons and disable roaming


Pay After customers
  • If you have a MyTab you can now check your tab balance directly on your handset.
  • Add Freedom Mobile add-ons and disable roaming