Traffic-Free LTE

Will I need a new phone and plan?

LTE-ready phones
Since our LTE network operates on new spectrum, it’s only accessible with Freedom Mobile LTE-ready devices and LTE-ready plans. 

We have a growing number of phones that are ready for Freedom Mobile LTE. Additional LTE-ready smartphones, compatible with our LTE network, will be released in Canada throughout 2017.

In Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough), customers will not require a Freedom Mobile LTE-ready phone to access our LTE network. In those cities we will be launching LTE on AWS-1 spectrum, which is supported by a broad range of existing LTE phones.

LTE-ready plans
To use Freedom Mobile’s LTE network, you’ll also need an LTE-ready plan.
LTE-ready plans are available to all customers, even if LTE is not yet available in your area.  There is presently no LTE data add-on available for customers that do not have an LTE-ready plan.

We now offer LTE roaming (in Eastern Canada and the U.S.) for customers on LTE-ready plans. Note that LTE roaming will work on some existing phones, in addition to Freedom Mobile LTE-ready phones.

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