Traffic-Free LTE

Will I need a new phone and plan?

LTE-ready phones
Since the majority of our LTE network in the country operates on new spectrum, we recommend you use a Freedom Mobile LTE-Ready phone.

We have a growing number of phones that are ready for Freedom Mobile LTE. Additional LTE-ready smartphones, compatible with our LTE network, will be released in Canada throughout 2017.

In Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough), customers will not require a Freedom Mobile LTE-ready phone to access our LTE network. In those cities we will be launching LTE on AWS-1 spectrum, which is supported by a broad range of existing LTE phones.

LTE-ready plans
To use Freedom Mobile’s LTE network, you’ll also need an LTE-ready plan.
LTE-ready plans are available to all customers, even if LTE is not yet available in your area.

We now offer LTE roaming (in Eastern Canada and the U.S.) for customers on LTE-ready plans. Note that LTE roaming will work on some existing phones, in addition to Freedom Mobile LTE-ready phones.