LTE Network


LTE vs. 3G: What’s the difference?

3G (3rd generation) network technology was the first generation of wireless to connect smartphones to the internet.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a 4G (4th generation) network technology enabling data speeds several times faster than 3G. With LTE, websites and apps are more responsive, video streaming is smoother and downloads are faster.

What phones are compatible with LTE?

LTE-ready phones
For the best LTE experience we recommend you use a Freedom Mobile LTE-Ready phone with Band 66 connectivity. We have a growing number of phones ready for Freedom Mobile LTE.

If you're phone isn't Band 66 compatible, you can still access our LTE network. We have upgraded our LTE network to make the vast majority of existing LTE phones (including older models) compatible with our LTE-Advanced network.  

Check your phone's compatibility
 with our network.

Will I be forced to switch to LTE?

We have upgraded all of our existing plans so that they have access to LTE. None of the features in these existing plans have changed however existing customers can still switch to any of our new Big Gig plans to take full advantage of our fast LTE-advanced network.

Where is LTE available?

Freedom Mobile’s LTE network is available across our coverage area. We have upgraded our network to make a wider variety of phones (including some older models) compatible with our LTE-Advanced network.

For more details, see our LTE coverage map.

How do I know if I’m connected to Freedom Mobile’s LTE network?

Most phones will show an LTE icon near your signal bars at the top of the screen. Some phones, however, will show a 4G icon for both LTE and non-LTE connections.

Making calls
When you make a call, your phone will automatically switch to our 3G network. After your call, it will automatically reconnect to LTE for data, if available.

Moving in and out of LTE coverage
Your phone will be automatically set up to connect and reconnect to LTE whenever it’s available. When switching between 3G and LTE, data-heavy activities such as video streaming may pause briefly to buffer.

If I’m in an LTE coverage area, will I always get LTE?

Within our LTE coverage area, LTE is normally available wherever we have 3G coverage. There are exceptions:  some subway stations, large malls, stadiums and airports may only have 3G coverage initially. While updating indoor coverage is on our LTE upgrade schedule, our priority is to complete all outdoor LTE coverage first.

Can I force my phone to stay on LTE?

Our LTE phones and SIM cards are automatically set to prefer LTE. If LTE is not available at the time and place it will automatically fallback to 3G. You can change this setting in the Network Mode settings.

Can I see my Freedom Mobile LTE data usage?

Of course! Just login to My Account from the Freedom Mobile app or to see your total data and voice usage. We do not distinguish between LTE and 3G for either billing or usage reporting.

How is Freedom Mobile upgrading its LTE network?

We have upgraded our LTE network to give hundreds of thousands of customers access to increased LTE data speeds while making the vast majority of existing LTE devices compatible with our LTE-Advanced network.

These network enhancements make it easier for more Canadians to bring their own devices to Freedom Mobile and enjoy the full benefit of fast LTE.

The upgrades use newly acquired 2500 MHz (Band 7) spectrum in dense urban areas, and existing AWS-1 (Band 4) spectrum across all markets. Upgrades will continue throughout 2018.

Our existing AWS-3 (Band 66) spectrum is available across the majority of our network, and offers the fastest experience on compatible phones.

Do the upgrades made to the LTE network work with all phones and plans?

The upgrades we're making use both newly acquired and existing spectrum (Band 7 and Band 4) to enable more phones to work with Freedom Mobile’s LTE-Advanced network.

These two bands of spectrum are compatible with the vast majority of phones currently used on the Freedom Mobile network. If a phone is compatible, all you will need to do is make sure your phone is set to prefer or connect to LTE networks. After changing the setting, you may need to restart the phone.

In addition to upgrading our LTE network, we also upgraded all of our existing plans so that they have access to LTE. None of the features in these existing plans have changed, however existing customers can still switch to any of our new Big Gig plans to take full advantage of our fast LTE-advanced network.

Setting up a non-Freedom Mobile phone to connect to LTE
Guidelines for configuring internet access on a phone you bought somewhere else are available for iOS and Android.

What speeds can I expect on Freedom Mobile's LTE-advanced network?

When connected to LTE, the speeds you can expect will vary depending on your phone model.

The fastest speeds are available on our AWS-3 (Band 66) network, which is available across our entire network – as long as your phone is compatible. For the best LTE experience, we recommend taking a look at our growing selection of LTE-ready phones.

If you are on an older handset that supports our upgraded LTE network, you can expect a faster and more consistent experience when compared to 3G.

Can I use LTE when I'm roaming on Freedom Mobile's Away network and internationally?

Away Roaming – Canada and the U.S.
LTE is currently available in the U.S. and on partner networks in Canada.  Visit our plans page or check your plan in My Account for details on where your Away coverage extends to.

International Roaming
LTE is available in Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan.  3G coverage will continue to be available in countries where we offer roaming. 

For current availability and rates, visit our international roaming page.