Joining Wind

Joining Freedom Mobile

Do you have group or family plans?

We have a flexible discount program for customers with more than one service, called Better Together Savings.

You can group multiple services onto one account and enjoy Better Together Savings. You can even mix and match Pay Before and Pay After services, everything just has to be under one account and at the same mailing address. Terms and conditions apply.

Find out how much of a discount you qualify for.

Can I trade-in my old phone and get credits?

The Freedom Mobile Trade-in program offers ability to trade-in and old phone and receive an in-store credit to use toward the purchase of a new phone or accessory!

This program is open to new and existing customers and you can read about it here.

How can I activate a phone I bought online?

Activate online or call 611 from your Freedom Mobile phone to activate a Pay Before service. 

To activate a Pay After service, visit your nearest Freedom Mobile store.  If you want to port over your old phone number to your new Freedom Mobile phone, it's best to have a phone bill handy from your soon-to-be-ex old number, so you can help us with some key account info we'll need to get you set up.

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes you can! Keeping your number when you move from one phone service provider to another is called “porting” and it’s an easy process. Both mobile numbers and landlines can be ported.

How do I transfer (port) my number?
Do not cancel your existing service. Instead, request that your current number be transferred over to us. You can do this at one of our stores if you’re activating a new service, or through Customer Care by dialling 1-877-946-3184.

To make the request, you will need to have the following information about the account with your current provider (we suggest using a bill from them):
  • 1. Your phone number
  • 2. Account number
  • 3. Name of the account holder
  • 4. Billing address

IMPORTANT: DO NOT cancel your current phone number – we will take care of that for you when we transfer your number.

What happens next?
For the most part, it will take 1-3 hours to transfer a mobile number or 3-5 business days to transfer a landline number from your current provider. As soon the number transfer is complete, we will send you a text message to confirm. We will also call you if there’s a problem with transferring your number.

One thing to keep in mind is that your current number must have an area code that is available within areas that we service. One of our representatives can help you to determine this if you’re not sure.

Although it's generally an easy process to port your number, there are a few factors that might prevent it. For example, if you've already disconnected your service with your previous provider, then that number won't be yours to take with you anymore. Also, phone numbers cannot port over from one area code to another.

Can I join if I'm just visiting from somewhere else?

Yes, you can join our network if you are just visiting, even if you’re coming to us from outside Canada. All of our plans are available with our Pay Before option, so no credit check is required.

You can either buy a phone from us, or you can purchase a SIM card to use in your unlocked, compatible phone.

Check out the selection of phones we have for sale.
Learn more about bringing your own phone.
Find the closest Freedom Mobile store.

Can I join even if I live outside your coverage area?

Yes, you can, however
  • • our services are designed to be used predominantly inside our coverage area, and
  • • we are only able to support phone numbers with area codes that exist inside our coverage area.
Check out our coverage map, visit a store or give us a call at 1-877-946-3184 to find out more.

Can I join without a credit history, or with a low credit score?

Yes, we offer Pay Before services that do not require a credit check, give you control over your spending, and still allow you to sign up for a monthly plan. If you want to Pay After for your services but do not meet our credit requirements we also offer a deposit program.

Is there a minimum age to join?

No. Anyone, any age, can join.

How do I find out if my phone will work with you?

Is your phone compatible with the network?
Networks operate on different frequencies, so you need to make sure your phone is able to connect to the ones that we use.

Your phone must be compatible with the “AWS” frequency bands (1700/2100 MHz). It’s best to check on your phone manufacturer’s website, or you can always visit one of our stores to test it.

We also have an online tool that can check your phone’s serial number, also called the IMEI, and let you know if it’s likely to be compatible.

Go to the online compatibility checker.

Is your phone unlocked?
Many phones are locked and will only work with the service provider they were purchased from. To use the phone with a different network, it must be unlocked.

If you're in doubt, bring your phone into any of our stores and we'll check it out on the spot. We can’t unlock your phone if it turns out to be locked, but you could get in touch with the carrier it was purchased from or a third party company who can unlock it for you.

There are risks to unlocking your phone as it may impact your device warranty. Check with the original carrier or phone manufacturer to see.

Terms and Conditions
By activating services using your Freedom Mobile licensed SIM card, you acknowledge receipt of and agree to accept and abide by our Terms of Service.

Freedom Mobile does not make and expressly disclaims any representations and warranties relating to the SIM card or handset and does not represent or warrant that any particular handset will work with your SIM card and/or that all services available to Freedom Mobile customers are available on your handset. Not all phones designed to work on the AWS band will work on your SIM card. Please check handset compatibility before licensing your SIM card from us.

Can I just buy a SIM card?

Yes, you can purchase a standalone SIM card. This means you can bring your own phone to activate, as long as it is compatible with our network. Check out our BYOP page for details, and then find the closest store when you’re ready to activate.

Replacing a Lost or Broken SIM Card
If you already have service with us and need to replace your SIM card because it’s been lost, damaged, or it’s the wrong size for a new phone you have purchased, a new one can be purchased for $10 at any of our retail stores.

Can I join as a small business account?

Small businesses can enjoy the freedom and control that individual customers do, by enjoying all the same rate plans and add-ons.

To activate a small business account, visit one of our stores and bring
  • 1. A copy of your business registration document,
  • 2. An authorization letter (if you are not the owner), and
  • 3. Credit card/void check registered in the business name.
We also participates in the VISA Savings Edge program for small businesses.

How does your deposit program work?

Why do you ask for a deposit?
All of our customers qualify for Pay After services either by meeting our credit criteria or by paying a deposit. A credit check is always required for Pay After services.

If you have to pay a deposit, there are two options available. If you are bringing your own phone or buying one outright, we only require a $50 deposit. If you would like a MyTab discount on a new phone, we will require a deposit of $150.

When do I get my deposit back?
In order to qualify for a refund of your deposit, you will need to pay for your monthly bills on time each month.

First Waiting Period
If you pay on time each month during the first six month period after activation, you will be refunded during the seventh month. If you are late on any payment during the same period, an additional 6 months will be added.

Second Waiting Period
The same rules apply, and you will need to be on time with each payment during this period. Any late payments during this period will add another 6 months, but if you are on time during all 6 months, the deposit will be refunded on month 13.

Third Waiting Period
At the end of this final period your deposit will be refunded as long as there is no outstanding balance on your account. If there is an outstanding balance, it will be refunded on the next bill that has no outstanding balance.

How will I get my deposit back?
When you pay your deposit, you can choose to have it: 
• applied as a service credit to your account (the default option), or
• refunded as a cheque (mailed to the address on file within 4-6 weeks).