Freedom Mobile Warranty & Repairs

Freedom Mobile Warranty & Repairs

What should I do if something is wrong with my phone?

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Icon > Backup Info
Back up your info

First things first, make a backup of all your important information and content, including contacts, calendars, photos, video, memos, etc. During any repair process it is common practice for your device to be upgraded to the latest firmware/Operating System which will result in the deletion of all data.

Icon > Instruction Manual
Review your user manual

You can find user manuals by logging in to My Account or check out your phone brand’s site for more info. You can find info on how to back up your device, troubleshooting tips and updates for your phone which may solve the problem.

Icon > Reboot your device
Reboot your device

Like a computer, sometimes the software on a phone requires a “reboot” to continue working like new. Try turning your device off and on, or remove the battery to perform a reboot. If that doesn’t help, make sure you’ve backed up your content and try a Master Reset of the device. This will set everything back to factory defaults as if it were brand new. If you’re still experiencing problems you may need to get us to look at the device or send it out for repair.

Is my device under warranty?

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Limited Warranty

The manufacturer’s limited warranty for defects to your Freedom Mobile device is valid for one year from the date of purchase, with the original bill of sale. There are some exceptions, such as Lightly Loved devices, which will be noted on the bill of sale.

The manufacturer’s limited warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by: improper storage; damage from liquids; unauthorized modification; misuse; neglect; abuse; accidents; alteration; improper installation; abnormal operating conditions; events outside of human control (such as natural disasters).

In the First 15 days After Purchase

If your device proves to be faulty within the first 15 days of purchase, return to the original store where you purchased your device, and upon determining your device’s warranty eligibility we will exchange it for a new device at no extra charge. The faulty device must be in pristine condition and all accessories and packaging should be returned in order to receive a replacement.

From Day 16 to 365 After Purchase

After the 16th day and up until the 365th day after the date of purchase, you can visit a Freedom Mobile Warranty Centre where we will send your device away for repair if the Freedom Mobile Specialist is unable to resolve the problem on-site.

How does the repair process work?

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Icon > Barcode

We have Warranty Centre locations all across Canada. Find the one nearest to you in the map below. Please bring proof of purchase to validate that your phone is still under warranty. We recommend that you create a backup of all your important information prior to bringing your phone in for repair.

Icon > Mobile Phone
Get a Loaner Phone

We won’t leave you without a device if your phone needs to be sent away for repair. We will do our best to provide a loaner device with a similar operating system to your own. Full terms and conditions available here.

Icon > Calendar
Wait for Offsite Repairs

Your phone will be sent for repair to a manufacturer-approved repair facility. If your phone is within its warranty period, no extra charges will apply as long as the problem is covered by the warranty. Expect between four to six weeks for the repair to be complete.

Track Your Repair

Phone sent for repair? Check status here

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Icon > New Phone
Collect Your Phone

We will call you when your phone is ready. Exchange the loaner for your repaired phone. If you agreed to any additional charges, you’ll need to pay them at the Warranty Centre at this time.

All phone repairs are warranted for 90-days from the date the repair is complete, or for the remainder of the 1 year warranty based on the original bill of sale, whichever lasts longer. During the repair period, you are still responsible for the regular wireless account charges and are liable for any damaged, lost or stolen loaner phones.

Please note: if your loaner device is lost, stolen or damaged while in your possession, you will be charged the replacement cost of the device. Loaned devices that are not returned will no longer be authorized to connect to any cellular network. Full program terms and conditions available here.

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