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What is Extended Range LTE

Extended Range LTE is our farthest reaching network coverage ever and represents a major milestone in our strategy to continually enhance your mobile network experience. The addition of Band 13 LTE (700MHZ low-band spectrum) to our network means we can strengthen and expand our coverage to even more places.

For you, that means a better network that reaches farther and penetrates walls for better coverage in buildings, basements and elevators.

Where is Extended Range LTE available?

We’re just getting started with our Extended Range LTE rollout. You can view the coverage map below to see where it’s available, and visit our FAQ page to learn more.

A full list of compatible devices can be found here.

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling gives you the freedom to talk and text over any accessible Wi-Fi connection and, best of all, it's included in your plan.

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Wi-Fi Hotspots

Connect with Freedom Wi-Fi and enjoy access to over 300,000 hotspots across Western Canada.

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Transit Coverage

Stay connected during your commute. See our Toronto TTC Subway and Metro Vancouver SkyTrain coverage.

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Coverage Map

Freedom Network LTE & 3G

Built and managed by us, our ‘Freedom’ network provides access to all of the data, talk, text and features included with the ‘Freedom’ portion of your plan. Your phone will display ‘Freedom’ as the network name when in this area. You may be connected to 3G, LTE or Extended Range LTE networks depending on your location and device capabilities. Pay-per-use rates may apply. Visit My Account to learn more about your current plan.

The Freedom Mobile coverage area is an approximation of the actual wireless service available and is subject to change. The quality of voice and data service while within Freedom Mobile’s ‘Freedom’ and ‘Variable’ network coverage area may vary when indoors and due to terrain, foliage, device capabilities, technical capacity, or weather conditions. Freedom Mobile cannot guarantee service availability. Data speeds and network technology compatibility varies by device – check out our latest selection of phones or find out more about bringing your own phone to Freedom Mobile. Access to Extended Range LTE is only available in select 'Freedom’ and ‘Variable’ coverage areas while using a compatible VoLTE enabled device.

Questions about coverage?

Understanding the Coverage Map

The coverage map provides you with details on:

Freedom LTE / Variable / Nationwide Network Coverage Areas with No Coverage

By clicking on specific areas on the map you will be provided with a view of the type of coverage available within each specific area.

Where can I use your service?

You should ensure that your home – or the location where you use your phone the most – is within our Freedom network coverage area. Check out our coverage map.

Freedom Network All rate plans include features for use on our network. Usage of features not included in your plan, such as international calling, may be charged on a pay per use basis, or unavailable.

Nationwide Networks - Canada and US Roaming Usage on our partner networks is included in some rate plans and add-ons; in other cases it is charged on a pay per use basis. Please check your plan details to see what degree of coverage you have when away in Canada or in the U.S.

International Roaming You can also activate international roaming to continue using your services in over 120 countries worldwide. Check out our International Roaming Rates. Our best roaming rates are offered with the World Traveler add-on, which you can activate when you are going to be travelling outside Canada; many plans already include the World Traveler feature.

New customer? Check out our rate plans. Already a customer? Log in to My Account to check your plan features.

What is a Nationwide Partner Network?

Nationwide coverage is service provided by our roaming partners in Canada and the U.S. You are charged pay per use rates while in Nationwide coverage for usage that is not included in your plan. Please check your plan details to see what degree of coverage you have when away in Canada or in the U.S.

Your phone will indicate if you are connected to Freedom or Nationwide. When you’re Nationwide, you will either see the word ‘Nationwide’ or the name of the partner network you are roaming on displayed on your device. Many devices will also display “R” next to your signal strength to indicate roaming.

LTE vs. 3G: What's the difference?

3G (3rd generation) network technology was the first generation of wireless to connect smartphones to the internet.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a 4G (4th generation) network technology enabling data speeds several times faster than 3G. With LTE, websites and apps are more responsive, video streaming is smoother and downloads are faster.