Welcome To Freedom

Welcome To Freedom

Setting up My Account

My Account gives you easy access to learn about and update your Freedom Mobile service. Through My Account you can securely:

  • View your data usage and calling minutes used in your current billing cycle

  • Pay your bill online

  • Manage your services at any time

  • Sign up for Auto Pay

  • Update your Auto Pay method or personal information

If you're logging into My Account for the first time, follow these easy steps to complete your setup:

  1. Log into the My Account page with your phone number and PIN

  2. Follow the prompts to update your PIN, set up a username and password, and confirm your email address

Understanding your first bill

Your first bill may be slightly higher than future bills, as it includes both:

  • Charges for the period between your activation date and the start of your first full monthly plan

  • Charges for your first full monthly plan

After the first bill, your monthly charges will include only your monthly plan, Add-ons, and Pay-Per-Use charges (like roaming, etc).

Here's an example of what your bill will look like, how to read it, and the breakdown of all your charges.

Your monthly plan

Your first bill will show two charges with your monthly rate plan. The first one will be a lower charge that represents partial charges from your activation date to the beginning of your first full monthly plan. The second charge shows the first full monthly charge for your plan.

Add-on and Pay-Per-Use charges

These are breakdowns of any monthly add-ons, additional Pay-Per-Use charges, or promotional discounts. Your monthly add-ons will be the same from month-to-month, while your Pay-Per-Use charges will change depending on your usage.

Total amount owed

This is the total to be paid, including current charges as well as any unpaid amounts from previous months.

How to sign up for Auto Pay

Signing up for Auto Pay is an easy way to ensure that you never miss a payment. You can activate Auto Pay in four easy steps:

  • Log into My Account

  • Select Billing Details

  • Select Sign up for Auto Pay

  • Follow the prompts to enter your credit card and billing details

You'll still reveice a bill every month to let you know what the total cost that will be withdrawn is, and to remind you of what day you'll be charged.

Note: Auto Pay is available with MasterCard, VISA, VISA Debit or American Express.

Check out what else your current plan has to offer.

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