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MyTab Additional Terms of Service

Last updated April 04, 2019

1. General

These additional terms and conditions, in conjunction with the Terms of Service, set out the basis upon which a MyTab may be extended to you. Capitalized terms used herein and not defined shall have the meaning set out in the Terms of Service. 

2. Eligibility

To be eligible to run a MyTab, you must be a Postpaid customer of Freedom Mobile and you must have passed our credit check or agreed to pay a specified deposit as part of our deposit program.

3. How MyTab Works

Eligible customers purchasing a New Device, Lightly Loved and Refurbished Device, or End of Life Device from us can elect to run a MyTab. If you are an eligible customer and elect to run a MyTab, you can put a portion of the retail price of the Device, or in some cases the full retail price, on your MyTab balance and then pay us only any remaining portion of the retail price (with tax) on the day you order or activate, as applicable. The amount you can put on your MyTab may vary depending on the plan you select and the amount of credit you are eligible for, based on the results of the credit check. Not every plan is eligible for the MyTab program. The retail price, the amount you paid for your Device, your Monthly MyTab Charge, if applicable, and your initial MyTab balance is set out in your agreement. Subject to your Monthly MyTab Charge payment being made, your MyTab balance owing will decrease each month by an amount equal to: your current MyTab balance owing less any additional partial payments you make that month, divided by the number of months left until your commitment end date. This amount is calculated each month and will be rounded to the nearest penny. You may at any time make a partial payment towards your remaining MyTab balance. Your MyTab can only be used by you, the account holder, and only one MyTab can be established for each Line that you activate with Freedom Mobile. 

4. Monthly MyTab Charge

If you choose to add a Monthly MyTab Charge, you agree to pay the Monthly MyTab Charge amount shown on your agreement, every month until your MyTab balance is reduced to zero, up to a maximum of 24 months.

5. You changing your plan

If you have activated a plan with a MyTab and later want to switch to another Freedom Mobile plan, if that new plan is one for which a lower value of MyTab is available with your Device than the current balance of your MyTab, you must pay any difference between your MyTab balance at the date of the plan switch and the value of the MyTab available on that date for your Device and the new plan. Your commitment end date will not change. A rate plan change fee may apply. Your Monthly MyTab Charge may stay the same or may be reduced, depending on which new plan you select. 

6. You upgrading your Device

If you are an existing Postpaid customer and want to purchase a new Device and you want to run a MyTab for the new Device, you may do so if: (i) you meet the eligibility requirements described above for the MyTab; (ii) twelve months or more have elapsed since you purchased your other Device using a MyTab; and (iii) at the time of purchasing your new Device, you have agreed to repay any outstanding MyTab balance owing for your other Device. Even if you are eligible to upgrade your Device, we reserve the right to limit the availability of specified Devices from time to time, as we see.