Traffic-Free LTE

Will the LTE upgrades work with all phones and plans?

The upgrades use both newly acquired and existing spectrum (Band 7 and Band 4) to enable more phones to work with Freedom Mobile’s LTE-Advanced network.

These two bands of spectrum are compatible with the vast majority of phones currently used on the Freedom Mobile network. If a phone is compatible, all you will need to do is make sure your phone is set to prefer or connect to LTE networks. After changing the setting, you may need to restart the phone.

In addition to upgrading our LTE network, we are also upgrading all of our existing plans so that they have access to LTE. None of the features in these existing plans are changing, however existing customers can still switch to any of our new Big Gig plans to take full advantage of our fast LTE-advanced network.

Setting up a non-Freedom Mobile phone to connect to LTE
Guidelines for configuring internet access on a phone you bought somewhere else are available for iOS and Android.